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Sunday, 23-Dec-2007 01:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rainy season's close-ups

lotus seed
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In autumn, the world is at your feet if you're passionate about capturing close-ups-DCM-Issue 24 Dec 2007

Ideally close-up photos will be more beautiful in autumnbut too bad in Malaysia we do not have 4 seasons...but we have "siakap 3 rasa" (literally translated as fish cook in 3 tastes).. Whatever, let's play with the close-up filter during this rainy season in Malaysia..why close-up filter??why not macro lens???..aiyaaak I don't have one ma...

**Subjects were all from around the house ..and NO TRIPOD USED..why??simply shoot ma...(blasah..that's my trade mark..blur or whatever..let it be...)

Sunday, 16-Dec-2007 02:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Candid shots

jaw dropping candid!
daydreaming candid??
never takephotos of people's back..this is exceptional!LOL
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Candid shots are shots taken un-posed and un-planned. There are two distinct approaches to candids. One is to hide and shoot from a distance and the other is the in-your-face approach.If you decide the distant method is more your style you'll need a camera with a long lens (telephoto). For distant candids you'll need a 200mm or longer which is 4x magnification. A useful lens for SLR users is an 80-200mm zoom, which gives you a 1.5-4x magnification making it ideal for close range or longer shots.

With a wide-angle on the camera you can shoot from the hip. The skill here is to point the camera in the direction of the subject with the camera at waist level and fire hoping you get the shot. I used to call it as blind shots..why blind??because you shoot blindly ma..without looking at the other words..."agak2 lo!" or.."blasah jerlah" .

Okay to avoid misleading tips from me or "ajaran sesat" the following are some important tips for candid photography. I always refer to David's as he uses very simple and I'd say not so much technical jargons!!

.........David Peterson's tips for taking candid photos...........
Take your camera everywhere you go! Keep alert for candid situations - they can be found everywhere.
Some examples of candid shots: A daydreaming store owner; an elderly man sitting beside you; commuters waiting for a train; two lovers on a park bench about to kiss; a child's delight when feeding ducks; elation of a football supporter when a goal is scored; a city tramp surrounded by clutter; a woman lost in thought staring at the beach.
It's rare to get a second chance with candid photography. When you see an opportunity, grab it!
Don't use complicated lighting techniques for taking your candid shots.
Concentrate on the simple and use your camera's automatic features. Technical problems don't matter so much if you have a great candid photo. Most technical problems (like if the image is too dark or too light) can be fixed on your computer.
Set your camera to "ISO 400" so it uses a fast shutter speed. This will help you grab the shot even if you are moving.
The best candid photographers blend into the background, so don't be too obvious. Do what everyone else is doing so you fit in with the situation. Then when you see a good candid moment, bring your camera up to your eye.
You don't always need to take the shot with your camera at eye level. Support your camera on your waist when taking the photo. Some luck or experience is needed here to get the framing right.
Use your zoom lens to it's fullest extent so you can keep away from the action while taking your shot. A telephoto lens is essential if you're going to be a fair distance away.
Never take photos of people's backs. Nothing is more boring than a group of people with all backs turned to the camera. It just doesn't work.
• Try converting the image to black and white to get that extra punch and emotion.
People 'doing things' make the best candid photos. Sports players, trades people, farmers and accountants are all excellent examples of subjects with things to do.
Try to capture the essence of the person's task. For example, you might capture a plumber concentrating on fixing a leaky pipe.
If you're in a public place, it's usually okay to photograph people. If they object, however, you need to stop. If you're not sure, it never hurts to ask permission beforehand. Your subject may want to pose, so explain what you saw them doing and ask them to continue as if you weren't there.
Experiment! Sometimes the artistic expression of a candid photo can be limited by you, the photographer. Try different angles, places and scenes. Look at candid photos created by others (they can be found in lots of magazines) for inspiration.

Candid photography is a great way to add some artistic flair to your photos without spending a lot of time with the technical aspects of photography.
David Peterson has a great love of photography and loves to share his knowledge with the world! He has created a series of free tips at to help digital photography users everywhere take better photos

Hadee, my son in jaw dropping candid shot location:Churdh Street Pier, Penang

Adeeba, my daughter in day dreaming candid same location

Thursday, 13-Dec-2007 01:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wet day in KL, 9 Nov 2007

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My children and I went to the city centre just to rest and relax and inspired by Tembeling's (Dr.Jamal) idea in FMDC's forum..I took the opportunity to capture people during wet day. It's not really fun photographing during rainy day, my camera and of course its lens got wet too...grrrrrr

Monday, 10-Dec-2007 17:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sungai Pencala Photographers' Bagan Lalang Outing

let's get the equipment ready
ready..1..2...3...say cheese...
on the way to the jetty
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You may visit

The plan had been quite sometimes but when the the day came I was actually undecided as I never drove to Bagan Lalang by myself...frankly hubby pampered me too much, he never let me drive a long distance all by myself. Anyway, I was fortunate as most of Sungai Penchala's (SP)photogs are somehow related be them close cousin(Ajam), or distance (Farid) or family friends (Meor) therefore I trust that I'll be in safe hands esp. Ajam..

We left SP around 2.30 pm (delayed due to unforeseen circumstances) in three cars and later joined by Ecah and the gang from Dengkil. The mini convoy was lead by Ajam and I was entrusted to be the swiper of the day and we communicated with the help of Ajam's walkie talkie It's really interesting when I got to communicate with my cousin, the journey seemed to be shorter as we exchanged information every time we passed by the small towns

We arrived in Bagan Lalang around 4pm and headed to the jetty as planned, and from the jetty we moved to close by shop for a high tea sort of (Perliz joined us fr here), before we moved to the Goldcoast for the "program of the day" Yes, as planned we're supposed to shoot a newly wed couple..but sad to say while the rest were busy clicking here and there for the best angles/shots..I found myself shooting something else... ...Capturing bride and groom in striking green suits/lace is not as easy as we's damp difficult ..I must really sit and learn from Meor, the most experience wedding photog of the day.. ..and when comes to Art Director, it's Farid that we should be relying on

For the record, I must thank all for making the Bagan Lalang outing " a day to remember", and to the spouses (Mrs.Farid,Mrs,Meor,Mrs.Ajam and all the children) thank you for the support. To Ecah and the gang, canon shooter and Perliz..the malays used to say.."jangan serik bersama SP photogs"

Thursday, 6-Dec-2007 14:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mersing, Johor and Rompin, Pahang

seen, fishermen inspecting their boats
Mersing in the morning
elderly's meeting point
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Late insertion

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