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Friday, 1-Feb-2008 08:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mother hens had hatched their eggs

curious moms..elelh baru jadi mak dah ekseng!!nyampah!!
nanti nko tido aku amik anak nko..siapler...!!
wei..gerakler dari situ..aku nak tgk anak nko ler..
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This morning, when I was having my breakfast my maid told that mother hens had hatched their eggs.. I was excited and quickly grabbed my camera and went to the backyard. The chicken tractor is located next to the apple tree. The yard is quite cramp and I had to stoop very low under the apple tree to get a better angle. I tried to capture the chicks but those “mothers” were very fierce and chased me away. I was very angry and frustrated. I squatted quietly for a moment, that position had caused my tummy to be squeezed and I felt like vomiting since I just had my breakfast.…all the chicks seemed to have had nicely tucked under their mothers bodies…mood for photographing subsided and I ended up photographing the mother hens instead of the newly born chicks!!

"Dalam berpantang ke??"..tak pakai barut dan peles kat dahi pun?!! confinement dapat cuti berapa hari??

orang lain semua dah "bersalin dan berpantang"..yang nko ni apa jadi??ntah2 anak songsang kot??

Wednesday, 23-Jan-2008 05:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A bird's nest

I found a bird's nest on a well trimmed bushes, I looked up and saw nothing on top of a pine tree where it was used to be. At first I thought the owner of the "house" mights come back to look up for the house but had changed my mind after second thought. I held it carefully and brought into my office and displayed near the window. I realised it's the most frequent type of a bird's nest. It's very simple cup, lined with fine grass and other soft material. When I examined the nest I saw all kind of materials used, amazing isn't it?...great creature to adapt and improvise!!!

home sweet home..

Monday, 14-Jan-2008 03:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hadee is now in third semester...

starting the engine
keeping the bag
last minute reading?
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Last year, our son, Hadee was offered a place in UiTM for a Mass communication course but his dad insisted that he does/studies something which at least predicted to have better working/employment opportunity once graduated. (We plan but Allah swt decides) Therefore, we enrolled him in a private college to study DOSH Management immediately after he got his form five result last year. While he was in second semester in the college, our son received another offer from a well-known Polytechnic in Ipoh for his favourite course that is mechanical/automotive engineering. Knowing our son better, even though he scored A1 for his science subject, we had to turn down the offer as we do not want him to struggle for a course which requires strong mathematics, which he did not have. Say what you like, most parents would want their children to study in any government run higher education institutions. For us, no point joining the government runs institutions for the sake of "joining the band-wagon" knowing limitations or capabilities of your children. In other words, we do not want our son to struggle for a course too tough to “carry”.

Day in and day out, now our son is in his third semester. We just pray that he’ll complete the two and half year course with flying colors. Let him burns the midnight candle while the parents poking bigger holes in their pockets for the sake of the children's studies...

**This morning I managed to capture Hadee while “warming-up” the vehicle that has been taking/bringing him to the college for the passed two semesters…and every Monday, he is required to wear that bright orange cover-all.

Saturday, 12-Jan-2008 18:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Photographing sunset

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As we're all aware it is important to include elements in your sunset or sunrise photos in order to create a sense of scale and depth. ..and most of us would agree too, plain sunsets, without additional elements, are boring. Cloud formations, water, buildings, or people add drama that draws the viewer into the photo. When choosing elements to include, everything in the foreground will be in silhouette. If we use a flash, we will ruin the effect of the glowing light. Yes..we should think of the elements as silhouettes when composing our shot...but frankly speaking personally I never adhere to the rules when photographing sunset seeing is believing

I love the cloud formation

add elements??..okaylah okaylah..I added our pickup and people on the beach...too much right??who cares??

fine..minus the people..but I found the image something wrong..why?? who cares!!

Tuesday, 25-Dec-2007 01:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Knowledge Cafe on Macro Photography

It's supposed to be the last "tt" session amongst the FMDCians central but turned up to be more of knowledge cafe on macro photography..thank you to all who had turned up and special thanks to Aji ,The FMDC President and Dr Malek aka Macro King, the resource speaker.. My deepest gratitude to Zul (badangperkasa) and Askme, the former was the organizer and the later was the main sponsor for the best macro photo, chosen/selected by the resource speaker himself. As I did helped in organizing the event (some how or rather) I did not tag along my camera hence there's none from me to be shown off here but worry no more ...just visit below link...

and herewith a photo of mine , taken without permission from Nash of candidsyndicate

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