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Saturday, 8-Mar-2008 10:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Polling Day 2008: Segambut Parliamentary Seat

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It is polling day today. I was at the polling station in a primary school in Sungai Penchala (a village at the outskirt of KL, where I was born and brought up and live in today) to cast my ballot as early as at 8.15 a.m. for the Segambut parliamentary seat. It went smoothly though I forgot to collect my casting slip/form..too eager to vote!!

As required by Election Commission rules, campaigning by the various political parties stopped at midnight yesterday. The beauty of Sungai Penchala voters or campaigners are though they are of different political ideologies they still can sit together in one table eating "rotai canai" and "teh tarik". BRAVO Sungai Penchalians!!!.

Friday, 29-Feb-2008 06:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Election Campaign Posters

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Posters are an important feature in election campaigns. They show the party is organised and interested and they help electors keep their nerve in voting for a new force. Posters should go up at important roundabouts for motorists to see, next in the town and village centres and lastly -- ideally the night before the poll -- at each polling station.

In Malaysia, the Election Commission wants to ban election posters, saying they are a waste of money. Posters, they argue, soil the environment and often spark quarrels between the camps of rival candidates. Personally, I don't think there should be a ban on posters as they are one of the "tools" of election campaigning in a democracy. Democracy implies that those who stand for elections will have a fair chance to give the electorate their point of view. When that fair chance is denied to any party, the process of democracy is hindered and the elections are that much less fair..and so what's this "democracy" got to do with banning election campaign posters? Everything...

Sunday, 24-Feb-2008 10:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Nomination Day: Who wants to be a politician?

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The entry of boyish looking 31-year old former ntv7 newscaster Victor Gu Chian Peow into politics a year ago has created a buzz among Chinese community. The former host of ntv7's popular game show, the Chinese version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (2002 to 2004), is now a full-time product marketer for a multinational company in Kuala Lumpur . During this morning nomination day at SJK (China) Puay Chai at Jalan SS2/54, standing at 176 cm blessed with an almost flawless complexion Gu was seen with suppporters dressed in a simple white shirt with a piece of coloured cloth on the sleeve.**. The Universiti Malaya graduate (majored in Tionghua Studies and International Relations) who is fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin will contest in the Damansara Utama state seat facing DAP's Dr Cheah Wing Yin.

***Gu has to take time off from campaigning the next three days as a mark of respect to his grandmother who died on Friday. For chinese, a piece of coloured cloth is worn on the sleeve of each of the family members for the hundred days to signify mourning: black by the deceased’s children, blue by the grandchildren and green by the great-grandchildren.

Friday, 8-Feb-2008 07:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Short vacation in Cameron Highland

Bharat tea plantation
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I’ve placed reservation for accommodation in three locations viz Kuala Selangor, Kuantan and Cameron Highland (CH). In Cameron highland itself I’ve booked few hotels and resorts…sounds greedy huh? Well, sometimes you plan vacation not for yourself, it’s for the children. It’s not so much difficult for the young man but the young lady…you’ll get nervous breakdown entertaining her moods and requirements or “terms and conditions” (tc) sort of when going for short vacation. Deciding the location is one problem choosing the accommodation is another. Taking into consideration that it was quite sometimes since we last visited CH, everyone mutually agreed to go there and the tc set by the young lady and the young man was that “not more than two nights”. Amongts other reasons, the young lady claimed that she has got so much school home works to be done and for the young man said that he had pre-planned a bowling game with his friends. ..

Cameron Highland seemed to have more apartments and resorts to let compared to just probably a year ago. More hills seemed to have been explored for more vegetables farms and also resort hotels. More foreign workers manning the farms and I and many probably doubt their identities whether legally or illegally entered our country. On more hill forest lands being converted to other land use and more foreign workers in CH, personally I feel something must be done by our government to minimize social and environmental impacts.

We stayed in apartment in Tanah Rata which I’d consider not cheap but very cozy and so much at home. What is important children and hubby are happy with the accommodation? We started our day in CH by sauntering the town of Tanah Rata after we checked in. Then we had simple dinner and went back to the apartment. We spent the night watching movie and eating junk food. The next day after breakfast in a nearby stall we drove right up to Lojing which is actually already in the district of Kelantan. We enjoyed the sceneries and a little bit chill weather. There were not many vehicles yet in CH. We made the right decision to have gone there earlier as according to a local, during the Chinese New Year it’ll take two hours just to drive from Tanah Rata to Brinchang due to holiday makers/tourists flocking CH. We made a u-turn in Lojing and drove downwards and made several stops in Kg Raja, Blue Valley, Tringkap, Terla and finally filled up petrol in Brinchang. Brincang is not that far from Tanah Rata. we decided to continue the visit to Brinching after a short rest back in apartment in the evening. There was a night market in Brinchang we strolled few rounds and realized strawberry dip in honey is the favorite snacks on sale…and of course we too had strawberries dip in honey day and night for three consecutive days and two nights!!

The day that we checked out we had gone to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI). A place that we never missed to visit whenever in CH. A place where we gained knowledge either by asking directly to the officer in charge or just read the information provided. We discovered the apple leaves are different from the one that we’re having at home..and made us wonder what kind of apple tree that we have but definitely not the granny smith, anna, rome beauty acetra in CH. Whatever, we anna apple is more like wild guava and reminded me of the apple tree in the back yard of a friend in Wales. As for the grapes, there are various types cultivated for research purposes too. Bali, black currant, Moskat, brazillian, I.A.C, Isabela to name a few. We cultivated grape too but never bore any fruits and the road widening project had shelved the idea to recultivate grape at home. As for the pear tree, it looked like “ciku” tree from a distance.

Our tour that started as early as 8.30 am ended almost noon and everyone was tired by then.We left CH and headed KL via Tapah. We didn’t stop at bharat tea for scones or tea since we already stopped on the day we drove up. We’d planned to visit “our friends” while on the way down to KL. We made several stops and met Din, Apong, Kecik and other family members. We bought wild orchid and kind of fern known as “ayam emas”. Din had shown us a kind of leaf called “serokok”. Din demonstrated how to roll tobacco using it and though it's green and as fresh as any other leaves in the jungle, it can be ignited and inhaled just like ordinary cigarette. The children didn't witness the demo though, all were inside the pickup in hunger....We had our lunch in Tapah and there on stopped at Kalumpang for "cendol pulut". We arrived home safely around 5pm.

Pictures posted are by locations

Bharrat Tea Plantation

Tanah Rata town

MARDI, Tanah Rata

Apong of Batu 23, Cameron Highland

Kg Raja ..kalau pegang menatang ni tak nyusahkan hidup...dah lama bawa balik anak anjin seko ni...very cute!!

kat mana2 buah ni mesti ada apsal eik??

Monday, 4-Feb-2008 18:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FMDC:Photo hunting,Sg Sireh, Kuala Selangor

Group of members who joined FMDC activity for the 1st time
Our foster family
photo-hunting briefing session
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Not in the mood to write. So in short, the FMDC photo hunting event was held on 2nd February 2008 at Kuala Selangor, about 90km from the city centre. It supposed to be a homestay photo hunting but my children and I did stayed only few hours with our foster family. Hubby did not join due to call for duty, hence I felt just not right to stay overnight with the foster family minus the spouse

Anyway, the event went smoothly as planned even though we missed the photo review session in the evening and the kayaking programme the next day. I take this opportunity to extend waves of appreciation to the committee members led by weet for their excellent efforts and to the new FMDC members who joined the event for the first time.

..and bouquet of flowers to our foster family

..and not forgetting " first-time long distance chauffeur"..none other than our son, hadee...son,you did a great job and I'll give you 7/ may now drive your new myvi more often intermittently with that kancil to college what??you wanna drive mom's suv or baba's pickup to college??..fat hope!! ooo itu keta cari rezeki tu nak oooiii.....

Adeeba n Hadee during the briefing as well as familiarization session to the foster family..

the "4" rays and me n my children with the foster family...

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