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Sunday, 15-Jun-2008 00:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Comic Pictures: Weera, Lala and Luluq

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This is a short comic pictures about a poult and two kittens. Two poults were brought all the way from a day market in Temerloh, Pahang, but only one survived. The two kittens are actually “children” of a stray cat. and believed born out of a wedlog!! (some believed BeeWee fathered them) . Adeeba named the poult Weera and the maid named the kittens as Lala and Luluq Three of these pet animals grew together in a storeroom and were let out when they are big enough to see the outside world.

One morning the three pet animals seen to be playing at the backyard. Weera, who had disappeared for two weeks seemed to be quite tension with the existence of Lala and Luluq. Being kittens they are quite playful and their behaviour irritated Weera.

Read’s in manglish and there are 38 images altogether.

Btw, remember Sandiwara?it's comic pictures by me may view here


Sunday, 1-Jun-2008 01:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Shah Alam National Botanical Park Revisited

Zul and Askme when first "touch down" fr the park bus
whoaaa...great morning and great trees indeed
partners in crime!!LOL
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Yesterday Zul/badang, Askme and I revisited the Shah Alam National Botanical Park the then Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam. Askme last visited the park sometimes last August (stand corrected) and as according to Zul was over than 10 years since he last visited. For me?? All I can remember the last visit was when the children were below my shoulder in heights.

The 1,200 hectares park is planned to be an education-oriented centre which has agriculture-based entertainment besides a national botanical park. It is an arboretum of all sorts of plants. Our initial purpose to the park was macro photographing. But I think I was the one (as usual) started deviating. Whatever it was a very fun outing especially when you were with your self-proclaimed "bodyguard and Camera Accss. Advisor"..they are none other than Zul and Askme respectively.

Monday, 26-May-2008 01:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FMDC POTH that I missed...

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Wooo...hoo I've made an effort over the weekend to photograph my daughter or "anak" especially for the month of May photo contest but unfortunately didn't manage to submit the photo on time (closing date yesterday!!)as PC at home was attacked by 1,600 kind of viruses according to Farid, our personal PC technician (aiyaak like our panel doctor ma...).. .. ...well never mind I can always have selected photos uploaded here for your constructive comments

senyum tak sincere..hi hi

senyum paksa

senyum kamben..

opocot..baba call ler pulop....kacau daun jer baba nims.. ori punya pose...dia mmg suka buat macam2 pesen ngan jari dia tu bila begambo

kalau dia dah buat muka cenggini..baik berenti jer shoot...dah boring giler tu tandanya..

Tuesday, 20-May-2008 10:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Basics of Rock Climbing

the equipments
climbing shoes
the rope
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A small group of CONSIST College students went for a basic course on rock climbing last Saturday the 17th of May at Kg Wira Damai Batu Caves, K.L. It was led by Mr. Azlee, a CONSIST staff and my gratitude to him for allowing me to observe and capture a very informative and interesting moments of rock climbing.

It started with a briefing by Mr. Azmin a trained rock climbing instructor and a network engineer by profession. Being a trained instructor Mr. Azmin stressed the importance of safety and also had shown the basic equipments for rock climbing. The gear needed for this introduction to climbing is: rock shoes, harness, dynamic rope, carabiners, a belay device, chalk bag and many more which I cant remember

Top-roping is the best way to begin understanding climbing technique. The basic idea of a"top-rope" is to have a secure anchor fixed at the top of a section of rock. The rope runs from the climber up through the anchor and back down to the belayer (the person securing the rope in case the climber falls). The first top roping was done by Mr. Razali and the belayer was Ms. Aishah. The second top roping was done by Mr.Azmin himself and the belayer was Mr Azlee. Later of the day another "super" lady (my apology I forgot to ask her name) had top roped the third one which was much higher and Mr. Azlee once again was the belayer.

The students seemed to have enjoyed themselves as most of them succeeded in climbing the more than 25meters rock. But my son Hadee was frustrated as he didn't manage to climb even though he tried his best. He hurt his fingers and his once disclocated arm had cramped. Mr. Azmin didn't stop motivating him and had given more tips on how to rock climb. Well, rock climbing is just not his cup of tea I guess

not an ordinary rope ..ya know

these ain't keychains!!

the move is like a ballet dancer??hi hi hi...

students and their instructors

Razali the belayer

Azlee on the way down

Azmin belaying

Aishah observing

Monday, 12-May-2008 13:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mother's Day

adeeba and cousin fiqah ushering nenek to the living
MC of the day
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