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Tuesday, 19-Aug-2008 13:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
19 August is World Photography Day

from our parking
teh infamous concrete wall
lotus again?
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Happy Anniversary to all photography enthusiast!! Today I've captured few subjects around the house to mark the celebration of World Photography Day. Why around the house?This special day has yet to be announced as a public holiday..hence I have to go to work ...and I only managed to capture few shots in the morning and another few shots after work..all around the house in sixty days...oooopsss in sixty minutes in total probably??

Notes: my daughter said, she doesn't understand me..almost all images are blurrr..well I told her, that's my identity wa ka ka a akaaa (rolling on floor laughing out loud!!)..with that note I shall change today as World Blurry Photography Day...

Tuesday, 5-Aug-2008 23:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
From Cameron Highlands With Love - Part 1

the newly wed couple
honey moong?LOL
anak ayah
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It was our first trip to LCCT to fetch BB, our newly wed adopted daughter and Zam her hubby both from Sabah. BB and Zam solemnized on 31 May and had informed us will be in KL end of July for a short honey moon sort of. Hubby and I had planned a short itinerary for both couple. On 31 July as planned we left KL for a 3-day 2 nights short vacation in Cameron Highlands. Our "other set" of adopted children and grandchildren from Trengganu were supposed to join us in Cameron on the 31st but due to unforeseen circumstances they only joined us on the second day…

In Kerling, on the way to Cameron we met Buddhists celebrating hungry ghost festival. Hubby had stopped for almost half an hour to give his Mrs. an opportunity to shoot!!. Our next stop was Tanjung Malim for a quick light meal and continued the journey up CH and arrived around half passed one. We checked in Villa Dahlia, which was recommended by the previous Royal Lily Park resort owner. A three bedrooms apartment "for Muslim guests only" facing a golf course across the road. We refreshed and went out for lunch at Brinchang and later drove up towards Kea farm for a "pre-tour" and later on the way back to the villa stopped to buy groceries etc for home cook dinner We had simple dinner, but believe me anything that you cook up in CH will be toothsome!!. We spent our first nite in CH watching tv, eating durian, mangosteens and munching strawberries The newly wed couple excused themselves to bed early

The next day, I woke up as early as 5 am and immediately after suboh prayer prepared french toast and baked beans. It was quite a chill morning and by the time everyone ready for breakfast you can imagine all turned up cold except for newly stirred 3 in 1 drinks and toasted bread We've been told that children from Trengganu will be arriving in CH around noon in time for the Friday prayer and hence we started touring Brincang upwards without them, to kill the time while waiting for their arrival Unfortunately we got carried away and headed towards Gua Musang and were in vain trying to contact the children from Trengganu to inform our location.

On the way to Gua Musang we did stop few places to take pictures for the newly wed couple and of course we did stop whenever we see people selling durian..yes..durian king of the fruits is in season We prebooked durian from Hassan in Pos Blau whom had his durian shack erected by the roadside to Gua Musang and close to his house built 3 years ago. Hassan has 8 children and two of them Syarul and Saiful were seen helping their father.

We arrived in Gua Musang town around twelve something and only in Gua Musang we managed to contact our other set of children. Beg your pardon?who are they? Well who else if not Man,Su and our beloved grandchildren Suhail and Salma. We're expecting another grandchild soon. We were in Pasar Besar when told that they will be joining us in ten minutes...what a relief we're thinking they might be waiting for us in CH, since around one pm we're still Gua Musang. We had a quick lunch since the men were rushing for Friday prayer. The food was good especially the beef kerutuk which Salma and her Tokma shared a plateful of it. . While the men praying, we waited for them in the vehicle and Suhail who was with us in the pickup had gala time discovering Tok Ba's treasures such as mini torchlight, mini calendar, reading and sun glasses, what else?you name it ..Tok Ba has it

We left Gua Musang for CH after the Friday prayer. Hubby stopped in front of Gua Musang train station for his wife to capture surrounding areas but unfortunately Suhail didn't allow so just managed to capture few shots from inside the pickup. On the way to CH we again stopped few places viz a shack selling mangosteens and dokong in Panggung Lalat, a shop made of all kind of raw materials for a drink at a t-junction to Kg Betis, Gua Musang and CH, and of course we didn’t forget to stop at Pos Blau to pick up the prebooked durians from Hassan and finally made an emergency stop on seeing durian trees by the roadside only to find out the durians that we saw have yet to drop

We arrived in Brinchang around ..sorry I can't remember but we did stopped at Kea farm just to buy a 7 packs vege for 5 ringgit and later in Brincang town to get more supplies for dinner True of what hubby had mentioned earlier when we cook together it will be merrier and tastier and of course the silaturrahim will be closer Just imagine dinner were prepared by me,hubby,Man,and BB..(Su were looking after the two children while zam was seen preparing the table)..Don’t ask what were dishes that we had cooked but I bet everyone had second serving .Right after dinner we visited the night market in Brinchang and later back from the night market had durian and whatever fruits and food that we had stocked. I saw Man dragged a pillow and comforter in front of the tv and jokingly told orang trengganu go to bed at 8.30pm and orang sungai pechala right after was a sarcastic statement to the newly wed couple because earlier I had informed that newly wed couple left early to bed the previous night. Well, hubby and I went to bed around twelve something but after few minutes we had to drag pillows and comforters to join Man sleeping in the hall due to some spooky feeling and felt the presence of "donno who" in the room. When hubby recapped his experience in the room I couldn't close my eyes not until 3 am.

The third and final day in CH, I woke up on hearing the azan via the tv station and Man and Su were the 5 am record breaker beated my earlier record Again I started the breakfast preparation making 12 pieces french toast that took almost half of the cooking gas Man later took over the chef hat and grilled maizes and fried leftover dinner rice with all kind of ingredients that I missed to check. We had quite a late breakfast and got things packed ready to be checked out immediately after it. We left the villa heading MARDI almost half passed ten. In MARDI personally nothing really much to explore as it was just in February this year that I visited the place. For Zam it was his second since ages ago and it was the first visit for our BB For Man and family?yet to check

After a short visit in MARDI we had lunch in Tanah Rata. The food court was packed with people and we had to sit in splited tables. For Zam and BB who can't stand even a piece of red chili settled for fried chicken and Soya sauce, Su had mix rice with sambal fish, hubby?I saw only just fried chicken on his plate and Man who had earlier disappeared for a while had fish and muscles?Salma and I shared a piece of fried chicken and vege and later additional chickens for everyone brought in by Man Yes chicken here chicken there was the menu of the day Suhail?he was the "main menu"

The short vacation ended in Tanah Rata, Man and his family who had to continue their short vacation in Penang went a different way via Simpang Pulai and we took our normal route via our "sedara mara" way down Tapah. A pleasant surprise by Man minutes before we separated our different routes. We were given pictures of our short vacation each, and one was nicely framed.

On the way down to Tapah we had stopped for more durian and mongosteens and we also revisited Apong a little girl that we met in February. She was as pretty as before and I took the opportunity to shoot more pictures of hers. We arrived safely quite early in the evening. With this note, to all our adopted children we hope you've great, memorable time in CH and enjoyed the short vacation. Till we meet again

Trengganu couple

Sabahan couple

KL cou..dei ayya mana awak punya karrrrpell

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Tanjung Harapan Port Klang, Selangor

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While waiting for hubby fishing at Sea Lion Fishing Pond in Port Klang I decided to kill the time sauntering Tanjung Harapan beach the then Tanjung Gila...(bet you know why the name changed!! ). I really had no idea what to shoot and there was no specific theme in my mind. I parked the pickup by the roadside when I saw a lady sweeping. I intoduced mysef as a hobbyist photographer and she intoduced herself as Amelia. I asked Amelia how to get to the jetty which I saw from a distance. She told me that the jetty belongs to her brother Harun and she walked me to a narrow entrance that led to a wooden hut. Again I introduced myself as hobbyist photographer to Harun and sought his permission photographing from the jetty. I was really happy when told that I could photograph without any charge..but jokingly he told me to give him one or two copies of the photos to him (according to him, he'll charge only for tv/film shooting). When asked when he started "commercialised" his jetty to the anglers and how much does he charge anglers to fish from his jetty, in short Harun answered "baru 25 tahun..5 ringgit untuk 10 jam" .WOW that's really cheap comparing to RM15 per hour in pond number 5 of sea lion.

Without much ado, I walked on the jetty carefully and slowly and just before photographing I called up hubby informing my location (anything could have happened, at least he'll know where to search for his wife ). I took few shots from/ on the jetty.A man in blue tshirt approached and asked "akak wartawan ke?" There on we started to talk from one topic to another. Din was very friendly he even suggested few locations to shoot, he shared his vast working experience in an insurance company, he talked on so many things that later I discovered I had talked much and less photographing!!

When I was about to leave the jetty, I saw Harun sleeping on a bench. I asked a woman whom I believed either his relative or his wife to convey my gratitude for allowing me to make use of his jetty photographing. While I was on my way to the pickup by the roadside, again I saw Amelia still sweeping dried leaves I shook hand with Amelia and left.

The sun was almost sets. I drove a little bit further up and reparked. There were many people by the beach either enjoying the evening with families or only god knows with whom...(even young couple sometimes married I don't want to simply guess lo... ... aiyaaaa you know I know one enough ma...) I took out my tripod (second/third time since I acquired it I supppose ) Screwed the camera on it and waited few minutes for the golden hour or whatever you call it....the product?so so lah..

Harun's Jetty from a distance

Narrow path to the jetty

From the jetty to the entrance

Call it sunset, golden hour or whatever..bottom line is the sun is moving elsewhere after a hard day's duty shining the east part of the world

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Get closer to the subject

They call it macro photography, whatever the idea is to get closer to the subject. One of the most frustrating aspects of macro photography is the lack of 'depth of field'. The depth of field is the area of the photo from far to near that's in sharp focus. At high magnification, the DOF is significantly reduced. Sometimes it's better to use less magnification (simply don't zoom in as much) and then crop the image.

This first photo was taken using "one hand"..why??you may guess ..

..this one??well I wasn't really bother on the DOF..simply shoot one...ha haha..again you may guess where the focus was..

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Ray of Light

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This morning I diverted from my earlier plan (as usual) . The camera was with the 70-200 not the 16-35 which is the most suitable lens for capturing ray of light. Whatever, with that 70-200 I tried to photograph the ray of light without really understand the proper setting of the camera. It was on ISO 100, f 10-11. Some said when the sun is still low or hazy day, is the best time to photograph the moment. The ray will come out nicely in your picture when you underexpose your photos just a little bit - 1 stop or 2 at the most... since this was my first attempt I should say I'm quite satisfied with the outcome

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