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Wednesday, 24-Sep-2008 07:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Photoshoot Outing organised by Pencala Photogs is developed among others is to organise photoshoot activities. Recently lead by Ajam and krul, another outing was organised. 22 aspiring photographers participated to shoot moments at Jalan Masjid India Ramadhan's bazaar. Please visit the "pencala" link above for more report. You may also visit below individual links for outcome of the outing.

As of today the following links have been updated with the photos captured during the outing...

FarEast -
Yemz -
Hanty -
Hanif -
Ajam -
Cak -
Meorjay -
Yaya -
Zahrul -
Jana -
Sani -
Eayda&Ard -
Saari -
Krul -
Vassili -
Wann -
Fareez -

The group photo just before the photographing proper started

photos during briefing by Ajam and krul

Ajam lead the move

followed by Jana (pencala photog) and the rest of the photographers

some of the aspiring photogs

Next bro Meor (pencala photog) followed by few more photogs

Zahrul and his "M16"

..Krul (pencala photog) leading the rest of the photogs

last but not least..

Sunday, 21-Sep-2008 11:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Taqiyah (keffiyah)

Inspecting the taqiyahs
shall I try this?
white..looks normal?
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The Taqiyah is a short, rounded cap worn by Muslim men. This cap is worn by Arab Muslims with the thawb. In some places like Egypt, Sudan, other African countries, even in Malaysia Tagiyah is worn by itself with no other headcover. When worn by itself, Tagiyah can be of any color, while when worn under a headcover, it is always white. Taqiyah comes in different styles, some with perforations, and some without.

In Malaysia taqiyah worn by itself is known as keffiyah (kepiah) .During early days, only white colored kepiah worn by male muslims who had performed the hajj. Now kepiah accented with heavy embroideries comes in many colors and designs. Malaysian Muslims wear the tagiyah during eids, prayers at the mosque, and during daily salat, or prayers at home or casually worn as part of headgear.

Yesterday, during a street shooting organised by Pencala photog , I took the opportunity to shoot people buying taqiyah at Mr. Abdul Razak's open stall at Jalan TAR's Ramadhan Bazar. My gratitude to Ajam and Krul for their efforts in leading the outing ( I must admit I am good for nothing Penchala photog member..and have yet to really involve in organising Pencala photog's activities..anyway Ajam my cousin brother has done a great job and I am really proud of him)

-My deepest appology to all photographers who had joined the outing for 1)not being on time at the gathering spot, and made all of you waiting, 2)for not being able to be with all of you throughout the outing and 3) importantly for not being able to get to know all of you better..god willing we'll meet again..
-My main "models" of the day were Amran and Muhammad-both UIA students-all of their photos were captured candidly, I was hiding behind another stall and approached to ask their names and to inform them that I 'd captured the moments while they were trying the keffiyah...only after they had left the stall. The rest of the "stand ins models" were also candidly shot but I didn't have the appotunity to ask their details.
-This time, In my candid photographing mission, I had sought permission from the stall owner/s first. I informed that I am a hobbyist photographer and intend to shoot people visiting their stall candidly.

How do I look?

..two "hands" are better than one

..hmm..not bad..

Do I look okay in this keffiyah darling?

Let me try too..

Will you help me to adjust please.. buy or not to buy?

..if it looks good on that lady, it must also looks good on me I bet..

Mr.Abdul Razak sitting infront of his taqiyah collections up for sale.

Tuesday, 16-Sep-2008 23:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Raw Hammer Psycho

getting the right size for the hole to be drilled
ensuring perfection
adjusting the driller
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Hadee has been pestering for a new bowling ball. Therefore we fulfilled his request on his nineteenth birthday, that is today. He settled for a psycho raw hammer, an upgrade of the raw hammer which was recently released. If you want to know more about the upgraded raw hammer you may google yourselves or read as quoted below...

The Raw Hammer Psycho expands the performance range in the Raw Hammer series by offering a new core shape in Hammers very successful mid-price series. The Raw Hammer Psycho features a new Raw Hammer Assault core paired with their new Max-Hook Reactive Pearl coverstock to provide medium length with a strong and aggressive backend move. This new ball is sure to catch many eyes sitting on the rack with Hammers new Orange/Silver combination. The Raw Hammer Psycho is available in 10 -16#.

Have you seen how a bowling ball fitted and drilled??..if yet to see,follow me to IOI Puchong, Nizam will show you how...thank you Nizam for a "free" demo...(lens used was 70-200, you can imagine how I squeezed myself in between the balls and shoes etc to capture the moments..and as usual I simply shoot (blasah jer) ignoring whatever rules and techniques suppposed to be applied...ha ahhahahaha..who cares??

Saturday, 6-Sep-2008 23:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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I was unable to attend the official opening of Azmy Kiosk in Tesco,Setia Alam last Thursday, just few days before the Ramadhan.Thousand apologies to Norazlina Azmy the owner of Azmy Kiosk who had invited me for the official opening.Yesterday, Man our adopted son, Salma,Man's daughter and my two children Hadee and Adeeba and I went to visit Azmy Kiosk. Despite heavy rain, we braved ourselves all the way from Damansara to Sri Alam, for the sake of Nora, our young entrepreneur niece. Nora wasn't at the kiosk, it was Helmy his brother (the boss for morning shift) that greeted and entertained us. Since it's Ramadhan, Salma was the only "available food taster" for the day Well, kids never lie..what is good and tasty will be expressed in their gesture..see some of Salma's impromptu expressions to believe it

The kiosk is located opposite the medan selera(food court) and it's right infront one of the entrances

The kiosk is provided with adjustable stools (image from another angle)

Salma, "the food taster" brought all the way from Trengganu

Helmy..the morning shift manager looking at the young food taster with a smile

..either you're from the main entrance or the second entrance, you'll never miss Azmy Kiosk...

It's indeed finger lickin good!!all swallowed none expectorated!!

So why wait?? ..come one come all, get it now, only at AZMY KIOSK in Tesco Setia Alam!!

Wednesday, 27-Aug-2008 13:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rodeo Malaysia 2008

'tough club"
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Here are some of the pictures of Aussie Rodeo Show that I managed to capture under pricking hot sun on the last day of the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro-Tourism 2008 Exposition (MAHA) held from ....aaaiyaaak can't remember but the last day was on the 23rd August 2008.

*just not in the mood to upload more...actually I have more than 200 images

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