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Wednesday, 18-Jul-2007 09:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
In the Name of Development

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The house built by late father sometimes in 1968-69 ago is just few metres away from the government land and affected by the ongoing road widening project. Those days you can build your dream house without even seeking the Municipal Council of Kuala Lumpur’s approval. The “L” shape house of half brick and half wood was once the pride of 7 siblings. Initially the house has 7 rooms, one dining, a living area and a kitchen. It later expanded and now has a total of 10 rooms.

Since I am the youngest, when I got married, late father had asked or I should say sort of begged us to stay. I am fortunate to have a very understanding hubby, he is well aware that he is marrying a molly-coddled daughter and when late father passed away five years ago he understands more/better why late father wanted us to stay in the house...none other than to look after mom.,,(others already married out). The news of road widening project in our area was made known long before late father passed away. I can still remember late father had shown to me the marking of the affected area. But my late father was a “cool man”, he told me “let’s pray that they (the developer) will try to avoid this pillar” …The pillar is actually leads to our entrance, if it is affected, the whole house (front portion) will have to go down. To hubby, the road widening project is quite disturbing news, he is very concern ever since the road widening project started months back. He was trying to figure out where the shack that has been protecting four cars will be moved to. He’s been suggesting on the next possible entrance to the house..Well actually I am not too worried since late father had built alternative entrances ever since we heard of the widening of the road project years ago. Late father was the architect of the house, he loved constructing entrance at every corners of the house and at present we have 2 big gates and 3 smaller gates.

Last Thursday, 13 July 2007, the main contractor of the project (happened to be hubby of my friend ) and few other officials came to inspect and measure the affected area. Hubby was around, they had discussed in details alternatives to the entrance, the parking space and the geese and chicken barn too. The rambutan and mango trees will be felled, that goes the same to the apple, grape and palm trees. The rambutan and mango trees existed ever since Hadee, our son wasn’t born yet. The palms were planted by late father when each was about 3 feet and now has grown to almost 20 feet. There are many memories of late father will be “erased” in the name of development or so-called road widening started with the dismantling of the 10 feet sliding gate and removal of potted plants on 16 July 2007, and today the felling of the rambutan and mango trees..there are more waiting to be ”erased/deleted” permanently…..

Wednesday, 11-Jul-2007 11:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
7.7.07 - Erni and Anas Big Day: Yan the lady photographer

wei belek apa tu..
ni betul2 expert, satu blind shot satu garu bijik mata...
alahai actually sebelah tgn lagi tu pegang bakul telor..tersorok
Erni Fadilah, my niece got married to Anas recently..yes on most sought after date by couples viz 7.7.07..yet to upload pictures captured..whatever, below picture captured by Yan, my niece too, aunty like niece ..she is also NG photog wannabe cum OP for her cousin Erni..ha ha...ha...seriously, Yan is expected to do her Phd..sama2 kita doakan impian Yan tercapai...Aaamin....

more pictures of Erni visit

Ini wedding photog pemalas..duduk dari meja and shoot!!!

see..I told you..Yan is a pro..tgk tangan dia ada tiga...

satu pegang kamera, satu utk garu mata..sempoi....

satu lagi untuk tolong beri bunga telor..tak nampak sebab munger mak tehnya beso beno...

Tuesday, 10-Jul-2007 15:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Adeeba is Fifteen Today

baba sayang adik
mama pun sayang adik
adik sukalahmende ni...
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Our darling daughter Adeeba is fifteen today. As usual we celebrated at home first with a secret recipe cake and a special doa and proceeded to a place of the birthday girl's choice for dinner. This year she had chosen MOMO, a Japanese Restaurant at Centrepoint OU. Her brother Hadee passed a remark which started a "cold war" between the siblings. Hadee is as conservative as his dad, he prefers a place which ensures/proven good food served. I've to admit Adeeba is more like mother like daughter, we do not mind trying as long as it's halal. Well, after all the food was good and the damage for Adeeba's fifteenth birthday simple celebration was good too

Sunday, 1-Jul-2007 12:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kuala Lumpur Bird Park (KLBP)

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KUALA LUMPUR Bird Park (KLBP) is just fifteen minutes drive from home during weekends (where normally traffic is expected to be lesser). Yesterday I've promised my son to take him to the KLBP but he changed his mind due to fatique
Hence, I decided to go there alone by myself. When I arrived, it was already 5.30 and just half an hour before the last ticket sold. I was stunted when asked by the ticket counter lady "do you have IC?" (Cik ada IC?) She was actually wanted to know whether I am a local or foreigner, because the ticket sold will be a bit higher for the latter Whatever, I rushed in and discovered not many visitors left except for a family and few couples. The sun almost set to rest for the day and you can imagine how I raced against time. I just looked at the signages and zoomed to the one I was already had in mind. Captured few mynahs pigeons, ducks and flamingos before I took sometimes at the hornbills confined aviaries. I got the angle that I had wanted and left the Park at 7 pm!!I considered mission accomplished!!!

For the record abahwafi did informed the importance of image editing in the forum, he did edited one of the images but somehow "dissappeared" from flickr link.. LOLBelow image has been edited by rburn (Syahrul), thank you did a great job!! Both abahwafi and rburn had given constructive comments in , reallly appreciate it and I'd welcome more comments here too

Friday, 22-Jun-2007 01:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
People of East Java in Kundang vegetables farm

empty beds
rustry barb wire
ni ongputih cakap apa??..biola eik??
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It’s 2pm when hubby called informing that he’ll be going to Kundang fishing. He had mentioned that the place is secluded and quite far in from the main road and without a 4X4 vehicle the journey will be longer. What had attracted me to join him and his friends was when he mentioned that there are vegetables farms around the area.. I quickly settled what needed to be settled in office and left early to join the anglers…nope..not to fish but to shoot the surrounding area especially the farmers/gardeners??.

We arrived at the area around 4.30 pm and I was really frustrated when first stepped down from the pickup as I’ve seen nothing really interesting to capture. Well, as the anglers get their rods and baits ready, I also get my camera and monopod ready..Say what you like…yes .my intention to have joined the anglers was to test the capabilities of my new lens again..

I lugged the heavy camera attached to the mono pod, looking for angles and subjects..First I saw a row of harvested vegetables with only supporting sticks left. Then I walked to another area where I saw rusty barbed wire fencing. I realized the stretch of un-tarred road was a good subject too, so I tried to capture the road and was fortunate when suddenly a motorbike passed by. I waited and shoot. I walked and from a distance saw farmers were doing something which I wasn’t sure of…I tried to capture them but they looked very tiny. I looked around for the entrance to the area. I walked and walked and discovered the entrance and had braved myself to go nearer to the farmers. And suddenly my hp rang…its hubby checking on my location..”Don’t worry I am around few meters away from where you are” I told hubby..And before he hung up he advised me to be careful.

I introduced myself to the farmers/gardeners which were actually engrossed with the works there were doing. Some were removing weeds, one was spreading fertilizers, and another was spraying pesticides? ..They were very friendly and some even posed for the camera…to Sharudin,Sugi.Amy and Alfiah..of East Java (Jawa Timur) , thank you…I had great time yesterday with all of you…

Amy, Sugi dan Alfiah

ditujukan khas buat askme, an FMDC friend now in vietnam dgn ucapan..naaah amik ni Amy buat lepas2 rindu

yg ini utk zul (badang) dgn ucapan...jika sakit2 tu gilah jumpa sugi...mungkin dia boleh bantu beri jamu ke "peret"

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