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Saturday, 11-Aug-2007 11:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
In the Name of Development VI: I know what you did this morning!

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...The moment I came back from my quran classs this morning all gone.. the red palm, section of the wall etc ..all cleared .all the workers were busy filling up concreate for the "prison" base

a one a two...Let's rock!!

pak..kasi betul2 konkrek nya ya pak..

ni dapat pinjam buat rempit best ni...

Sunday, 5-Aug-2007 13:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Street Photography: The Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

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Why is Central Market (CM) always a favourite photographing spot to me??why??None other than the people.. You can sit around the area of CM be it inside or outside, and have a lot of subjects to capture. But yesterday, I already set my mind my subject will be just ladies...yes the theme of the day was "Aweks in CM" I "parked and reparked" myself outside CM from 10.30 am to almost 12.30 pm. I enjoyed photographing alone when the children (Adeeba and Marlia, our adopted Sabahan daughter) were already gone sauntering inside the CM. ..oh btw, last week the theme was children at the Jalan Masjid India, KL..visit here

Thursday, 2-Aug-2007 13:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
In the Name of Development IV:the fences and the gates et el

cutting of the fence
...jap lagi dgn concrete2 berlumut ni sekali kena demolished!!
"the monster" getting ready
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On 31st of July, right after the meeting I received a phone call from hubby informing that “the monster” was at home to demolish the gates, fences, Christmas and star fruit trees. I rushed home to witness the demolition. The moment I arrived, the cutting of the fences was ongoing; some of the workers were busy removing and shifting the plants while the driver of the “monster” was waiting eagerly to start the demolition. Once the workers cleared what needed to be cleared, “the monster” slowly demolished part by part of the concrete blocks that hold the fences as well as the polls of the gates. The 8 and 3 feet gates were demolished within minutes. Actually the Christmas and star fruit trees were not affected by the road widening project but we decided to fell both as well since we were thinking that it’s best to clear all, having in mind of probably a totally new landscape once the project completed. The only regret that we had was that of the Christmas tree, it took years to grow it to the present height. I remembered it was again our late father who planted the tree and if not mistaken that time I was in my primary school…now all left for me to cherish is just the memories…

malam nanti nak curi mendelah ni, nak jual kat pembeli besi buruk

tunggul pokok belimbing besi...pokok ni mmg tak guna pun, nak tebang tebangler..tak amik ati pun.....

kalau memalam nampak cenggini mau demam panas dibuatnya!! Tanduk rusa ni dibeli di Bentong Pahang dah berjeler panjangnya..kena alih elsewhere

Friday, 27-Jul-2007 12:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
In the Name of Development III:the fate of our vehicles

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Ever since the road widening project started and the shack that used to shade our vehicles demolished, every morning all the four vehicles at home will be covered with dew ...except for the bike which is "happily settled" at the entrance of the house. If it happened to be raining, it will be worst as all the tires will be covered with mud. We have to bear with this condition until the project completed. Normally, I do not really care if the vehicle that I used to drive to office is a bit dirty, but this morning I really couldn’t stand looking at it and during lunch break I took the vehicle to a nearby car wash and happened to have brought the camera along. so what else??..dei tamby kasi cuci lah….aci mau kasi tangkap itu gambar…well, it’s a manual snow car wash service, the so-called “snow” is actually the foamy detergent used. At one time in our country, the auto-car wash was quite popular but for some unknown reason, many had to be closed and replaced with the manual way. Whatever, I bet many prefer their vehicles to be washed manually, it’s cleaner, amongst other reasons…what say you??

Thursday, 26-Jul-2007 13:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
In the Name of Development II: the fate of our pet animals

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Guess what??Amongts our pet animals, Who do you think couldn’t be bothered with what happened or will happen to the surrounding be it due to the road widening project or thunderstorm outside the house?? Ehmm..None other than Qaseem, our pet fish (puyu) and BeeWee, the lazy cat!! I don't think that both of them sympathize with the poor Tika, Tiki and Kaka, the geese and the "ayam serama" who have been temporarily shifted/moved close to Yankee, the pet monkey. Well, animals are animals, but I believe they too will surely voice out their unhappiness or grievences if they could communicate/talk with human...

Qaseem our petfish...I simply shoot using the 70-200..who cares??

BeeWee the lazy cat..nko ni tau tido tido tido..menatang lain susah hati nko tak kisah eik??

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