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Saturday, 1-Dec-2007 05:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gold Rush, Kg Sri Pantai, Mersing ,Johor

Kasim, friend of Pakcik Musa
Pakcik Musa
Anuar, another friend of Pakcik Musa
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Believe it or not, hubby took us to witness the Kg Sri Pantai, Mersing gold rush last weekend (24-25 Nov 2007) , yeah the week after we went Kuala Lipis. We took Kuala Pilah- Senawang-Rompin- Mersing way. I was entrusted to read the road map via Kratong onwards. As usual hubby was unhappy the way I read the map/tulip.."ahh…who cares, deep in my heart told"..I bragged and told hubby..”we won’t get lost ..don’t worry it’s only in Malaysia even I’ve been traveling alone in foreign countries and still found my hu heated the morning with that statement.

Well, we finally arrived in Mersing around 2.45 pm. And again was fortunate to be able to get a room in Timotel on executive floor. Hmm..again as we just walked in without pre-reservation, the rates was considered a bit high..but still okay considering two big beds and facilities in it.

We went to the beach straight after bathing. As we arrived we saw some of the people or prospectors with shovels and make-shift pans, alone or with a cluster of children, busy digging the grey sand of the beach located some 10km from Mersing.

Pak cik Musa (an aboriginal from Pekan) came in two cars to try their luck. Few locals that I met mentioned that what been reported in the newspapers were not right, no one can get as much as RM4,000 in a day. It’s not as easy as we thought. According to Abdul Kadir, a local, the most that one can find is about 1 gram in a day and it’s about 70-80 RM.. He said, gold has been found in the beach for quite sometimes but once the news broke off more people, either local or from nearby districts came to try their luck.

Whatever it is, the kids, especially, had a field day helping their elders shovel chunks of earth into woks and makeshift pans, to be panned for precious specks of gold. ..and what did my two children doing on the beach?..menganga..

The next morning, while children and hubby waited in the coffee house, I quickly walked to the bridge of Mersing which is located not far from Timotel hotel. Vehicles kept on honking as they saw me climbing the edge of the bridge to get a better angle:P Mersing is known as a fishing town. (The town is also the main departure point for islands on the South China Sea, particularly Pulau Tioman), hence you can see fishing boats one by one leaving to the deep sea early morning...and from my short analysis, most elderly people that passed to and fro the bridge were either to buy breakfast or probably other daily needs...and the most convenience mode of transport definitely the bicycle. .

My phone rang a I was on the way back to the hotel. " Who else if not my darling "driver". " ya ya on the way to the coffee house" I told him. We went to visit the " gold beach" once again before we checked out and left for KL via the same route.

..and on the way home, while in Rompin district we had stopped to buy "souvenirs" from Banang, an aborigin of Kundang. We chatted with her, her children (Jamilah, surina ans two others) and grandchildren (pa en) were very warm with us.and of course I took the opportunity to digitally capture the moments

(I'll start uploading the activities at Kg Pantai first..the rest..wait till my mood is okay..ha haha...(too many pictures to be uploaded!!)..but I share some pictures now and the rest llater ok?)

Seen, gold specks been weigh on the digital weighing tool (the one infront of the calculator)

Once weighted, kept in a casing..and will be converted to money based on the current rate of gold

Pakcik Yaman,one of the many gold diggers who're trying their luck

Got it?

Wednesday, 21-Nov-2007 08:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Short break in Kuala Lipis,Pahang

built in 1919
whoaaaa....London Hotel in lipis ma...
used to be gold and watch shop
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Last weekend hubby took us for a short break in Kuala Lipis, Pahang. We wanted to stay in the Government Rest House but as we walked in were told all fully booked and and only left a room facing the hill/jungle. We went around searching for an accomodation and was fortunate to be able to get a room in Centrepoint Hotel which is situated next to the Kuala Lipis train station. Well, it's quite cozy and most importantly it smells know what I mean right? Frankly, should we have the opportunity,we wouldn't mind staying there again.

Right after we checked in, we sauntered the old town of Lipis just across the railway tracks. Most building were built in the early 20s. Hubby paired with Hadee and Deeba paired with me. We went separate ways but still within visible distance I met two Mr. Wongs in Lipis, one operating a hardware sort of shop and the other a watch shop. The first Mr. Wong, a bachelor was from Penang and has been in Lipis for quite sometimes. The second Mr. Wong has been in watch business for almost 30 years. I bet you would agree with me, most people in small towns are very friendly. I also met with Mr.Retunam, a barber. His assistance are Singam and Ramesh. Mr.Retunam also been a barber for quite sometimes and actually inherited his father's business.

According to the first Mr.Wong, normally foreigners that used to visit Lipis are those from Australia and normally they will stay at Appu Hotel. There are quite a number of shoestrings hotels in Lipis and I just love the names of the hotels..hhmm some very interesting names are London and Tongkok Hotels .

It started drizzling half way of our Lipis town discovery Hubby wanted to go back to the hotel but I told him.."lets have some fun walking in the rain"..he agreed when I told him that by late evening the town will be dead and we'll have no activity as the cineplex closeby our hotel already closed for business. So even though we're almost soaked, everyone was happy especially Hadee and hubby where they had great time shopping...hmm..of all the place why Lipis?I asked myself?? ..and why buy Lee jeans that cost almost RM300 for two pairs??hmm..I just don't understand man... fortunately we're given a pair of tshirts and a camel water bottle as gifts..if not's not worthy

By maghrib we're already back in the hotel. Everyone was exhausted and have no idea what to have for dinner. We ended having KFC..and frankly the quality of meltz were different from the one that I used to have. Hubby mentioned that all are the same, but I insisted my stand as I used to eat in KFC. Back from dinner we had teh tarik in the hotel's coffee house before we went to bed.

By 7 a.m the next day, we're already in the coffee house for breakfast. We had plan to visit the Pasar Sari in Padang Tungku which is located about 17 km from Lipis town. In Padang Tungku a friend of us, known as Pak Ya and his family who happened to balik kampung already waiting to show us around. I had great times in the Pasar Sari..capturing the moments ignoring both children and also hubby. After that we headed to Pak Ya's house (his father's house) and later went to Kg Selindang for a ..just an aqiqah but the spread of dishes and the people that came were like a wedding ceremony. ..and according to Pak Ya, invitees are all relatives from three districts .

We left Kg Selindang and on the way to hotel Pak Ya had shown us Siti Nurhaliza'a residence in Taman Permata. Why I laugh??none of us is siti's fan..we used to say, "suka big deal"..we're not offending any of siti's fans...nor siti herself, no doubt she's a great's just that we're not her ardent fans.

We checked out and headed KL around 2 pm. On the way we saw the lata jarum of pulau chekas's signage.Since it's still early we decided to visit the place. It's a waterfall and kind of scarry route that we had followed.It's narrow and it reminded me of a place taht we visited before, somewhere in Perak. There were many people having gala time in the water and army of Temerloh having somekind of training I suppose . We just watched the people and the surrounding area and left just before heavy rain pouring down ..wait..I am not finish yet..we stopped by a shack on the way out to the main road. A woman with a baby was manning the stall..Norlela, the woman while preparing teh tarik for us complained to us sort of that she'd tried to get financial help to run her business but was left out since she's not as "active" as you know who...the end..

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Photojournalism Talk and Critique-14 Nov 2007

Fruit seller at Rantau Panjang, Kelantan
Tengku Kelana's little India, Klang Selangor
The Friday prayer at Jln Masjid India, K.L.
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The talk was held at CLICK! GO LIVE! EXPERIENCE CENTRE and organised by Shahrin Aziz and Shaiful Rizal. The speaker was none other than Zainal Halim of Reuters. The participants were from FMDC and Flickr and each participants were supposed to submit maximum of 5 photos for the critique session. I had pre-selected few photos for the session but wasn't able to select the best 5 to be critiqued and at the same time was too busy and have had not much time in captioning the photos as requested. So in the end, I ended up submitting nothing!!

I am quite frustrated for not having my photos critiqued or commented by Zainal and the participants..anyway I put on high hope that visitor/s to this page will give sincere comments/critiques...and on that note, I wish to extend my gratitude and appreciation in anticipation of your critiques/comments.


critique, a considered assessment of a literary work, usually in the form of an essay or review. Also, in philosophy, politics, and the social sciences, a systematic inquiry into the nature of some principle, idea, institution, or ideology, usually devoted to revealing its limits or self‐contradictions.

Wednesday, 7-Nov-2007 17:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Street candid shoot at KLCC

loving couple...
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I could have taken better street shots if I had worn proper gear..beg your pardon?just an excuse??hey just imagine I was in my working suit and on one half inches boot!!then blame myself??well, I wasn't really dressed up for the street candid shoot. A group of FMDCians and I were actually shooting two birds with one bullet. We attended the Photoshop Asia..donno what (sorry I could not recall the full tittle of the event) and right after the event we went street shooting..not for long period but enough to capture interesting moments ...

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Witnessing hand gathering cockles at Sg Sembilang, Jeram, K.Sela

cockles gathering
ini amnak tak pernah jumpa org cari cockles kitra 1st experience
cantik tak?
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Witnessing Hand gathering cockles at Sg Sembilang, Jeram, K.Selangor

Last Saturday, my children and I were at Sg Sembilang’s Jeram beach to kill the time while waiting for hubby fishing at the Sri Kemuning’s Salt-water pond. Adeeba was really eager to jump into the water but was caught by surprise when the sea was on low tide and all can be seen were mud bed instead of the beautiful beach which I had witnessed just a week before. Poor girl. she was initially quite frustrated but was later excited on seeing some local villagers were hand gathering cockles. Not knowing how dangerous to walk on the mud bed, I had given both children the green light to explore and observe the villages gathering cockles. They walked towards a woman and as seen from distance both were struggling as mud already knee and thigh heights. I shouted on top of my voice reminding both to be more careful but they ignored as both already excited playing in the mud..grrrrr

When they’re back on the beach, I told them to sit at the rear of the pick-up as both were mud-full. As I drove them to the public toilet, I saw through the rear mirror both enjoying themselves sitting under the canopy with legs dangling outside. They really had a gala time behind when the pickup swerved left and right on the sandy beach.

While waiting for both children get themselves washed-up I squatted exploring hive of activities on the beach. There were some flying kites, some just stroll on the sea-side, some still gathering cockles and even witnessed bride-and-groom photo session that came probably just in time for the sunset shoot.

We left the beach and headed for the salt-water pond just before the maghrib prayer and later had dinner at the not so efficient sea food restaurant. Just imagine, the week before they had wrongly sent our order to other table and made us wait for another half an hour. and last Saturday, the deep fried chili crabs arrived when all had finished dinner with just the prawns, squids and mushroom soup!!! With this kind of lousy service, I personally wouldn’t recommend anybody to that particular restaurant even though it’s damn fresh and cheap!!!

*Pls bear with my unedited pictures, it's as ori as KFC's chicken!! ...blasahjer ler...

Dua bradik selepas explorasi kerang!!

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