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Wednesday, 31-Dec-2008 07:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
End of the year vacation: North of Malaysia-Perlis,Kedah et el

North South Expressway
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25 December 2008-

We left KL for end of the year short vacation in Kangar, Perlis on 25 Dec 2008. There were not much traffic and the weather was cloudy all the way via North South Expressway. .

26 December 2008

After breakfast with Yadziz, Azad(Cruezz) and Syarul (the the first two are FMDC members) we made a quick tour in Kangar market and close by shops and around 10 am headed Padang Besar. We headed Padang Besar not to shop but to explore the town...but actually I was almost get myself a collapsible shimano bicycle...but frankly speaking I should have bought it!!regret??yes It's cheap, only RM750..over here in KL I doubt I can get the same price for the same model as offered...

We took the Chuping route on the way back to hotel in Kangar. It's very serene all the way back especially when we stopped at the look out tower provided by the roadside to enjoy the great lush green view of the sugar cane plantations that spread over 20,000 hectares. We passed the University Perlis Malaysia which was under construction, we enjoyed great sceneries all the way back to Putra Palace.

In late evening we headed Kuala Perlis for dinner. I wouldn't recommend going Kuala Perlis just to have dinner, (probably we were unfortunate, difficult to find parking space and the service for the food ordered was slow/inefficient) After dinner we strolled few minutes infront of the Putra Brasmana Hotel and headed back to hotel quickly as our adopted son and family already waiting for us. Man and family dropped by, exchanged notes and experience, listened to loud music that made baby Zikri cries
, had hot drinks and light meal for Salma, a family photo shoot session and left for Penang.

27 December 2008.

Was a tiring day indeed . We had breakfast at Beseri's morning market also known as "Pasar Nat" on our way to Wang Kelian. Wang Kelian is located at the Malaysia-Thailand border and no passport is needed when crossing to Wang Prachan (Satun,Thailand) . This is only provided that we remain within the market area. . Don't laugh if I were to tell you we bought glutinous rice (pulut) and 2 colorful straw bags to put the pulut in it. Besides those things we bought nothing but only brought back the memories saved in 3 cfs. oh we had our lunch there too, digested and flushed out in Putra Palace wakkakaa

On the way back to hotel, we stopped at Gua Kelam and only to find out the train ticket to the Nagarawan Cave sold out!!..and guess what??of all the place, we met pokcik , FMDC Vice-President in Gua Kelam We left Gua Kelam for Mata Ayer (hubby's friend so happened balik kampung and invited us for home made laksa treat) When we were just about to leave Mata Ayer, an sms received from Cruezz informing that he will be in Tasek Melati for a wedding photo-shoot session and had invited us to join. We went to Tasek Melati and had the opportunity to meet Saupix, another FMDC member who held his client's photo shoot session there too. We didn't wait for Cruezz as we had planned to saunter Kangar town just before we leave for KL the next day.

28 December 2008

Bye bye Kangar..we checked out around 10.30 a.m and headed KL. We stopped for breakfast in Pauh, a unique morning market, I should say, as the activities of the market that sells all kind of things were carried out under the rubber trees.

Alor Star and Gurun were the towns that we had stopped before we safely arrived home around 11.30 pm.

Images will be uploaded in stages (God willing)

Sg Dua "broken hearted" tree trunk

Chuping, Sugar cane plantation

Thailand plate number in Padang Besar

Inside arcade of Padang Besar

Kangar wet market

Image from moving vehicle

Friday, 19-Dec-2008 17:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pleasant Surprise

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It was really a pleasant surprise. Our adopted son came late evening with his family and siblings all the way from KT. I was still in office when Man called to inform that he's already reaching Gombak...and minutes later he sent an mms of Salma and Zikri already by the bedside of onyang in Sungai Penchala. That mms made me "kamchong" for a while, I can't concentrate on the job application's tabular table that I was trying to complete before going on long vacation leave next week. I quickly saved all files in pendrive, planned to have it done over the weekend at home...unfortunately as I was rushing home, the pendrive was left in office Whatever I have no regrets ..once I reached home and saw all the children (some were watching tv some already fall asleep here and there) made me feel blessed for which between me and Almighty only knows the reason why

Fatigue looking temporary "ayah" to the siblings..(parents performing hajj and in Mecca still)

..after a tiring long journey a hard tiles will help straightened "ayah's" back

When I grow up, I wanna be a caring and responsible son just like ayah...

....I wanna be just like abang Mang too, a caring and responsible son...

Sunday, 30-Nov-2008 01:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy 50th Birthday to beloved hubby!!

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Hubby's birthday coincided with his brother's wedding and hence after a tiring day attending to the wedding ceremony, an impromptu celebration was organised late evening. Adeeba and I rushed to the close by pizza hut, and then to the KFC and finally to the secret recipe for the pizza, fried chicken and cake respectively. So happened that uteh and some of her children, as well as Man and family were around. As usual after the doa’ and cake cutting ceremony we helped ourselves with whatever available in the boxes.

To darling hubby, Happy 50th Birthday

Saturday, 22-Nov-2008 01:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Test shots: 50D +18-200

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Hubby just acquired 50D and the 18-200 lens. Wonder whether he is serious into photography or just to add one more collection of EOS camera in the family. With the new addition we have now 3 camera bodies. Actually hubby's passion is salt water fishing and I was delighted when he decided to acquire a camera be it for fun or serious passion I just wait and see...

I tested the camera with the 18-200 and found the lens quite handy for those who are lazy to change ideal 'all-in-one' lens for travel and 'walkaround' use. ..and as for the camera..really have no comment,it's the best of all the best among our collection of EOS at home... (wait for more addition..hi hi planning to get 5D )

not sharp usual my style ha hahaha blur pun blur lah blasah jer...

ni kigher ok ke?

Monday, 3-Nov-2008 12:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rugby/HSBC Cobra 10s

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